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Andy Grocott

Andy Grocott

Associate, Goosman Law Firm

Associate Andy Grocott is a 10-year military veteran who has dealt with various multi-million-dollar negotiations for military contracts and has done business in three continents. This coupled with his legal knowledge and MBA makes him a force to be reckoned with as your business ally. His abilities do not stop with business acumen. Andy has reviewed and administered over $1Billion in foreign and domestic irrevocable and revocable trusts. This experience has given him the awareness to help his clients with drafting simple or complex trusts and wills and allows him to cast light on areas of planning that others may not have thought of previously.

Andy is eager to work with business leaders, developers, trust companies, and families to help them define where they are presently and achieve what outcomes they desire in the future through their business or estate plans. He will help his clients build a well-paved roadmap and give them insight to the pros and cons of each circumstance. In the end he hopes to leave his clients with a robust plan of attack to conquer the best outcome possible.

Andy’s business acumen has been exercised for more than a decade with his past experience procuring and administering multi-million-dollar government contracts, commodities, services, and construction projects for the Air Force. This insight allows him to highlight various strengths a business has and showcase them in the best light possible and in a way where the Government takes notice.

Andy has experienced numerous industry sectors and has had first-hand understanding of how many different industries strive and execute continuous improvement as well as lean strategies. This diverse exposure to cross-sections of industries and Andy’s legal knowledge makes him a versatile business partner that can negotiate, advise, and draft documents for business leaders that will help make them industry leaders.

Andy became an attorney to not only help business leaders, but new and mature families that want to ensure their loved ones are taken care of for years to come. Legacies come in various packages whether it is generational wealth, entrepreneurial success, or the like. His purpose for becoming an attorney is to build the legacy his client envisions; and to alleviate any stressors that may stand in its way. Whether his clients want to build a business or plan for their family’s future, his work will make their plan a reality.

Andy received his Juris Doctor from the University of South Dakota. He received a Master of Business Administration/Leadership from Liberty University and Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Sciences from South Dakota State University.