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Stoen Mollman

Stoen Mollman

Program Director, South Dakota SBIR

As the SBIR Program Director, I have led and supported numerous small business innovation research programs across various industries. With a deep understanding of the SBIR program and its unique requirements, I am skilled in guiding small businesses through securing funding and successfully managing their projects.

My proficiency in program management, proposal development, and strategic planning has empowered me to collaborate effectively with teams, crafting robust proposals that precisely align with the specific needs of their target agencies. This adaptability, coupled with my collaborative approach with small business owners, technical experts, and government stakeholders, enables me to devise comprehensive and effective research strategies that foster innovation and drive success.

As an advocate for the small business community, I provide support and resources that help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. I am passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the SBIR program and believe every entrepreneur deserves a chance to succeed. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, I am confident in my ability to help small businesses achieve their goals and advance the frontiers of scientific discovery.