Speaker Profile

Asa Gilliland

Asa Gilliland

President & Managing Director,
Redstone Government Consulting, Inc.

Asa Gilliland is a shareholder and President at Redstone Government Consulting, Inc. In his role at Redstone GCI, he assists a wide variety of clients but specializes in assistance with emerging contractors taking the first steps into government contracting, primarily in the areas of FAR and CAS Compliance, as well as agency supplemental regulations such as DFARS.

Professional Experience

Many of the clients Asa supports are large commercial or international companies seeking guidance on the necessary changes to their business infrastructure to accommodate new business with the U.S. Government. In his role, he frequently assists with evaluation, source selection and design of accounting systems for compliance with the DFARS Business System Clauses, as well as local laws and Reciprocal Defense Procurement Agreements on matters of cost/pricing. This work extends into many facets of the contractor’s business and his wide- understanding of the government contractor business model lends to assistance with areas including indirect rate structure, pricing, cost identification and classification, internal controls and the extension of the accounting system into other business areas including HR, facility-security, contract administration, GAAP/IFRS reporting, property management, inventory and purchasing, materials management and many other areas.

In his role, Asa has led teams assisting our clients with accounting system implementations on a wide range of both traditional (Deltek, Unanet, JAMIS, Dynamics SL, eFAACT, Quickbooks, et al.) and non-traditional (SAP, Oracle, Pronto, Dynamics GP, NetSuite, 1C, Sage, Timberline/Sage 300, et al.) government contractor accounting software. He also assists clients with the preparation of cost/pricing data in response to government proposals for all contract types as well as assistance with the development of profit/fee justification and overall pricing negotiation strategy.

The role of compliance intersects with all consulting engagements and as a result he has led the development of contractor’s initial CAS disclosure statement, evaluation of changes in accounting practice, development of GDM and cost impact proposals. As a result of his experience with cost/pricing matters, he has also assisted with DOJ investigations and litigation support related to matters of cost allowability, false claims, terminations, requests for equitable adjustment and other areas. In his career, he has worked closely with clients during all types of DCAA, DCMA and various agency Inspectors General pre and post-contract award audits and frequently assists with both preparation of audit, as well as development of rebuttal and corrective action plans in response to audit activities.

In addition to his role assisting for-profit companies, Asa also works with many not-for-profit entities in the areas of grants, OTAs and other non-contract acquisition vehicles. In his role, he has had the opportunity to work with many newly formed entities in the development of their initial indirect rate structure and development of controls necessary for cost-sharing and other grants. He has also assisted some of the largest not-for-profits including those with both educational and research-based missions with various matters pertaining to compliance with 2 CFR 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal awards of the OMB “Super Circular.”