Speaker Profile

Taj Mecham

Taj Mecham

Senior Regional Director of Workforce,
Transfr Inc.

Veteran workforce executive Taj Mecham’s true north is taking action to make a difference and unlock the future for individuals. He learned the value of hard work growing up on a farm in Utah with his family, working at an early age in different jobs and excelling in various sports. Taj and his wife are the proud parents of three beautiful children as well as the owners of several chickens and two ducks.

Taj is building workforce and education training ecosystems for communities in Arkansas as well as Louisiana. He is pioneering TRANSFR’s mission of creating career pathways to empower individuals to career mobility and economic stability. Taj shares Transfr’s immersive work based learning experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality that connects learners to opportunities for career exploration as well as for career training and career placement. He has worked to create strategic partnerships in Arkansas with the Arkansas Office of Skills Development, Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas Boys & Girls Clubs, Arkansas Division of Workforce Services, Arkansas Community Colleges, and many others to connect job seekers to workforce development opportunities and training for sustainable careers.

Taj has built his career growing business teams and positively impacting communities through enterprise healthcare technology, energy & power industry software, & other companies. Taj has seen the value that education can deliver to underserved communities first-hand. He spent two years in Brazil in rural areas as an ecclesiastical volunteer missionary. He also has been serving communities across North America as well as the world through his business experiences.

Taj uses his business acumen for problem-solving and passion for understanding human need, and translating that into meaningful success for customers and for trainees. Taj believes that together we will unlock futures, build communities, and change lives for the better.